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There are many reasons to get your house tested for lead paint depending on your circumstances. 

If you are a parent with young children, you will want to get your house tested for Lead-based Paint so you can identify surfaces painted with Lead-based Paint so they can be monitored to ensure that if they are currently intact the surface remains intact to prevent the possible lead poisoning of your child. Defective lead-based paint is a hazard to small children and should be corrected a soon as possible.

Daycare centers and home daycares need to be inspected for Lead-based Paint to be licensed by the State.

New Home buyers of house built before 1978, should have the house tested prior to the purchase if they have any concerns about Lead-based Paint.

If your house was built in 1978 or later, it is assumed to not have Lead-based Paint.

However, homeowners and builders have occasionally used older building components, like used bricks or reclaimed doors and window which may have lead-based paint on them. 

*Tested over 7,000 homes, apartments and daycares and others in Connecticut

 *23 year of lead paint testing and consulting in Connecticut and with small projects in New York and Florida.


*Currently the Lead Consultant and Inspector for the Lead Program in a major Connecticut city.​