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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get my house tested for lead paint? 
There are many reasons to get your house tested for lead paint depending on your circumstances. 
If you are a parent with young children, you may want to get your house tested for lead paint so you can identify surfaces painted with lead based paint so they can be monitored to insure that they are currently intact and remain intact to prevent the possible lead poisoning of your child. 

If you are a homeowner and your house is being renovated by a contractor they would have to have any areas that may be disturbed, tested under under the new EPA RRP rule (Renovation, Repair and Painting). 

Is Lead Paint Dangerous?

Yes, however it is especially dangerous to children under the age of six.  Lead poisoning is a possibility for children who are exposed to lead paint.

How do you test for lead paint?
    XRF Technology
    Dust Samples
    Water Samples
    Soil Samples
How long does a typical inspection take?

About 2-3 hours on site and a few days to complete the report. If dust, water or soil samples are collected add 2-3 more days for the completed report.

How many surfaces are tested in a typical three-bedroom house?

It depends, I strictly follow the HUD testing protocol, so each house will have a different number of surfaces that would need to be tested, but usually between 225 and 300 readings. It is very detailed. See the sample report, this was for a very large house, so most homes would not have that many readings. 

Do you know right away if the surface is positive for Lead-based Paint?

Yes, I get the test results instantly. At the end of the inspection, I can usually summarize the test results to the homeowner or buyer.